Tuesday, July 6, 2010

ABC: Anywhere but California

There is a closely kept secret in California - people are leaving in droves. It seems that it is 30% more expensive to live here while the pay is only about 10% more than neighboring states. But what really did it was the greedy republicans who thought they could buy and flip a house for big profits but got trapped when the bubble broke. Officially, 1 in 8 is unemployed. If you count all the illegals hired by republican contractors, it's closer to 1 in 5 people are out of work. We don't have an illegal worker problem, we have an illegal employer problem! These illegals exported their earnings to Mexico - unlike the legals who would have spent it locally. Besides, for the next decade, our most talented and educated need to relocate - overseas. That's where the republicans (e.g. Jack Welcher) - starting with Reagan - outsourced the core jobs, engineering work, and manufacturing.

Although no definitive studies have been done to date, it seems the most conservative areas were the hardest hit. The eastern valley folks in Modesto, Turlock, and Fresno drank the investment cool aid and now are off to points east, south, or both. And many of those republicans are leaving simply to avoid the embarrassment of being wrong (again) and flat broke to boot! People with real wealth did not risk much - if any - on speculation.

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