Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Day After Oil!

Many people are good at denial. Very good. We produce about as much oil today as we produced in 1950. And we should consume less oil than we consumed in 1950 - but we don't.

Oil is a finite resource and one day - soon - oil will be scarce, very expensive, and for use by the very rich only. THAT - in part - is why the rich are stripping the equity out of the middle classes and creating a vast new pool of poverty.

Now I am not saying this is good or bad, I'm just saying it seems like the emerging vision of the future that the John Galts have for the moochers. Some take a different view. While the middle class still has the right to vote (and there is a move by the elites to get another vote for every $20,000 in net worth that they have) there remains the possibility of conversion to photo voltaic "solar panels." Maybe like Japan. Or maybe on a smaller scale, like Germany.

Back in 1979, President Jimmy Carter did the unthinkable: He installed solar panels on top of the White House. The green addition was used to heat water for the staff eating era — and usher in a new era in American innovation and independence from foreign fossil fuels.

Republicans are idiots. Idiots. And there are so MANY that they fight to the top ten spots!

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