Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Ya' see, in the ministerial supply biz, aside from microphones, flexi-bibles, accordions, bowling shoes, and costumes,they sell Bling-bling. Now I'm talkin' item #71177 here. Naturally, that's an electroplated cross full o' rhinestones*.
Click on either picture for a bigger view (air sickness bag not included).

It is amazing how many people bring this stuff into them places that buy gold and expect it to have some value - any value. How much do you want for the paper bag?

*Rhinestones are cheap, even tawdry, fake gems that are associated with country and western costumes and tacky Las Vegas lounge acts. The word is a translation of the French caillou du Rhin. Originally a rhinestone was a common rock crystal found the Rhine River in Germany. Today, they accent trash (animate and inanimate).

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