Wednesday, January 27, 2010

California, get real.

Unemployment is 12.5% on the average. Among teens and young adults it is as high as 70% in some demographics. It's time to EXPAND state employment in the parks, public works, and the like. How are "WE" going to fund it?

An immediate 12.5¢ per gallon fuel tax - for cars, trucks, buses, and airplanes AND a progressive state income tax of 12.5% in 0.5% increments. Only those few thousand folks that make more than two million dollars a year would be taxed at 12.5%.

Then we could open many state parks year around (so it's a make work project, so WHAT?), perhaps reforest more than a few hillsides, and put some people back to work.

What a concept, what a dream. The republicant's say "You can't tax your way to prosperity." But it's just something else they are wrong about.

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