Sunday, June 11, 2017

Turnip's problem with Justice

Justice is not a hooker. Trump can NOT "buy her."

With Comey, the trumpster in the dumpster thinks he can "fight fire with fire." The trumpster has no fire.

That is NOT to say the Trump Camp has no fire. Apparently they have plenty!

And someone somewhere better put out the trumpster's diaper!

The trumpster in the dumpster also claims he will testify under oath. But can he tell the truth?

Trump's contributions are well known.

He is far from being an exciting or inspiring speaker - except to uneducated red-necks. That's why he is on the Snews channel.

There is no need to shine a candle from ear-to-ear with his base. The trumpster in the dumpster has his own proven method.

The trumpster does make headlines!

And his fatness is never above repeating his wire-tap claim.

And yet his base is as solid as a brick wall.

That is only until they sober up a little.

He still has an occasional rally of supporters (empty seats and all).

The truth will eventually come into the light of day - even if it is not in our lifetimes.

And justice will whisper in his ear.

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