Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Trump's New Limerick Laureate

Trump is no highbrow. To him, a limerick is as good as any poem. He therefore named the nations first Limerick Laureate* who wrote:

World leaders continue to stare
At the man with the ludicrous hair:
They find it bewild'rin'
That refugee children
Give Trump such a pants-wetting scare.

(actually by Will T. Laughlin)

Needless to say...

So, the trumpster named ANOTHER Limerick Laureate, who wrote:

Anxiety hangs like a pall
Round the world, as it grips one and all.
Other nations ask why
We would vote for that guy.
(I hear Canada's building a wall.)

(actually ―Tim James)

And then for the Congressional Hearings:

Trump prepped his pale Deplorables:
"You're easy marks and scorables!
Now when I bray
genuflect & obey,
and I'll soon promote you to Horribles!"

(Actually by Michael R. Burch)

And then:

at long last, an explanation:

Trump wears an extremely long tie
Mostly red or blue as the sky
It hangs down a notch
And covers his crotch
Lest he forgets to zip up his fly.

Mostly red:

or blue as the sky

*Laureate definition, a person who has been honored for achieving distinction in a particular field or with a particular award: a poet laureate.

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