Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Only bad when DEMs do it.

This posting is NOT about Health Care.

It is about tax-cuts for multi-millionaires and billionaires.

To FUND tax cuts, Republicans need to de-fund health care. Let the middle class and poor eat sh*t (and die).

Tax Cuts for the Very Rich!

The GOP Health Care Bill Would Cut About $765 Billion In Taxes Over 10 Years. It would deliver a sizable tax cut to the rich!

Joe six-pack, watching FAUX Snews, has no clue. That is until he needs medical care!

Medical emergencies can lead to unmanageable debt that necessitates bankruptcy.

In the wake of this legislation, bankruptcies resulting from unpaid medical bills will affect nearly 6 million people making health care the No. 1 cause of such filings, and outpacing bankruptcies due to credit-card bills or unpaid mortgages! That is a fact Joe six-pack can (even MUST) live with (or die). Wait, ans see!

A new study revealed that cancer can drive foreclosures, debt and other devastating financial consequences along with serious health effects.

Trump will cut taxes for MANY! (The dead pay no taxes - their children do!)

So, for mane people, they voted for Trump and in a couple of years they will be homeless.

Sounds fair to me!

KARMA is a bitch.

Homelessness for some is a bitch-slap!

And everybody pays more (except the very wealthy)

The GOP is bitch slapping you ignorant fools (and all of us).

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