Thursday, June 22, 2017

Medical Payments?

When Donald Trump's dad died in 1999, Fred Jnr’s children were left out of the will entirely.

The Trump siblings — from left, Robert, Elizabeth, Freddy, Donald and Maryanne — in an undated photo. Freddy Trump, who died in 1981, was eight years older than Donald.

That led to legal action in which - it was claimed - that in retaliation for bringing the action, Donald Trump, acting along with his siblings Robert and Maryanne, withheld payments for $300,000 of medical care for one of Fred Jnr’s grandsons, a baby suffering from a neurological condition that produces violent seizures.

Trump was unrepentant. “Why should we give him medical coverage?” he told a New York Daily News reporter in 2000. When the reporter asked him if it was cold, given the severity if the baby’s medical condition, Donald Trump replied: “I can’t help that.”

Senate "TrumpCare" bill doesn't care, either.

Trump voters would be among the biggest losers in Republicans' TrumpCare plan.

The real losers voted for trump.

Medicaid funding eliminated for seniors and disabled people who rely on it for long-term care.

Under TrumpCare, vastly more Americans would come out behind.

The "real losers" voted for the trumpster in the dumpster.

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