Sunday, June 25, 2017

Is Trump Retarded?

While it is completely obvious to the most casual of all observers that MANY Trump-Cult dweebs ARE retarded, it is no quite so obvious with the liar-in-chief.

The trumpster in the dumpster MIGHT be smart enough to avoid an all-out nuclear war. Only time will tell.

Pray to St. Donald the ass-fart for an answer.

We do not even know - yet - if trumpster in the dumpster is Putin's Puppet.

There seems to be growing concern that the trumpster in the dumpster IS Putin's puppet.

I, for one, think Putin is smart enough to avoid picking a retard for Team Russia. I might be wrong.

As for the IDEALIZED Donald,

the folks that draw political cartoons LOVE him - for the material he provides.

These political cartoonists must be asking themselves: "What KIND of retard is he, anyway?"

He is certainly a FINE retard (assuming he is retarded).

The weak propaganda from the mouth-in-the-house (Spicer) does not seem to be maintaining the level of adoration the trumpster in the dumpster seems to crave. ("Lack of outrage" comment.)

We do not subscribe to locker-room talk.

But some do.

Are you a blind believer or fact-checking thinker?

At the moment, the papers are stacked against you - either way.

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