Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Another Day of Dishonesty from the Trump Administration.

I summarize "Another Day, Another Deluge of Insanity and Dishonesty from the Trump Administration."

Almost all we get out of the Trump White House is "a daily gangbang of incompetence, scandal, dishonesty, and corruption."

Few question Trump's honesty. He has no honesty. There is nothing to question.

One Oxford researcher, Dr Kevin Dutton, has even declared that Donald Trump exhibits ‘more psychopathic’ traits than Hitler.

Before the trumpster in the dumpster can defeat honest news, he needs to control at least one news (or fake news) channel.

And Trump needs to dispense his propaganda...

the trumpster in the dumpster needs a minister of propaganda for his ministry of propaganda.

And, like all oligarchs, the trumpster in the dumpster needs some supporters.

Besides supporters, the trumpster in the dumpster needs cheerleaders.

And so it may be, in the absence of criticism, the trumpster in the dumpster (a coward) will use inflammatory propaganda to instill FEAR in others. (He has plenty to go around)

For some, the results are predictable.

For others, we see things differently.

I’ve also read a few less than correct accounts on how the “Think Different” campaign was originally conceived.

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